General information
What are Mobalt App and Mobalt Admin?

MobAlt offers its customers two IT tools with functions that are in part distinct, in part overlapping, but in any case complementary.
MobAlt App is designed primarily for the business user who wants to explore the mobility alternatives for his home-work journey, book mobility solutions, pay in comfort for the transport tickets he uses, communicate with MobAlt Staff or other users of the same company, shuttle or carpool team. A ready-to-use tool to be used daily.
A free version is also available for non-company users with a reduced range of features.
MobAlt Admin is a management tool, mostly used by Mobility Managers who need to view lists of users and reservations related to their company, manage company parking, accounting, create financial scenarios adjusted on the incentives given to employees based on theiromobility, import data and more.
Even a normal corporate user (without Mobility Manager privileges) can access the web version of MobAlt using the same credentials of the app. In addition to the list of his own reservations and invoices, from the Admin he can fill in mobility surveys launched by his company or manage his request for a company parking space.

Who develops MobAlt products?

MobAlt products are developed by Mobitrends SA, a spin-off of Planidea SA and Sofistar Sagl.

How much does it cost?

MobAlt IT products are part of a modular service for companies, the subscription price of which varies according to the number of employees in the company. Please contact us for an offer.
On the other hand, the use of the tools for the user (whether or not linked to a company) is free of charge.

Security and insurance
Who can see my personal information?

The information about the mobility alternatives you decide to use is visible only to you. The only information that might come into contact only with other users of your own company is your username (e.g. in chat).

Is there a regulation for those who wish to carpool?

MobAlt requires that those who make their own car (minimum 4 seats) available for carpooling, check that with their third party liability insurance they can transport passengers, and that the insurance covers all persons transported and all possible consequences of an accident along the way. Please note that third-party liability insurance is compulsory for all motor vehicles. When a car is approved, a certificate of liability insurance is essential. The driver also certifies that he/she is in possession of a regular driving licence, that he/she drives the vehicle with a blood alcohol level of zero per thousand and that he/she is not using drugs. Each participant accepts the Mobalt Carpooling Regulations, which require them to behave in a civilised and correct manner, and to avoid any behaviour that could hinder the smooth running of the service. In the event of any such behaviour, please notify the MobAlt user service immediately (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch).

Are bicycles and push scooters insured by the promoters or is the insurance borne by me?

You are responsible for the insurance: when you receive your bicycle or scooter, you will have to sign a disclaimer in which you accept responsibility in the event of theft, damage to the bicycle or damage to third parties. If you have third-party liability insurance, you should be covered without any problems.

Will I get a helmet with my bike?

Along with the bike you will also receive a helmet, a padlock, a cape and, if necessary, a light set that will be returned when you return the bike.

What happens if my bike gets stolen, or I get into an accident and it ruins the frame?

Theft or damage to the bicycle is your responsibility: when you receive the bicycle you are asked to sign a release statement in which you assume responsibility in case of theft, damage to the bicycle or damage to third parties.

User account
Is the use of MobAlt free?

Use of the MobAlt app is free of charge, but the full range of its functions is only unlocked if you have a company code when you create your account (see next question).

I received a company code. What do I have to do?

If you have received a five-character alphanumeric code, this means that your company is registered for the Mobility Centre services and you are therefore authorised to use the MobAlt app as a company user (i.e. with all functions activated).
Once you have downloaded and opened the MobAlt app, click on "Registration" at the bottom and enter your company code in the appropriate field before starting the registration process, as explained in this video tutorial.

I'm a private user. How do I register?

Once you have downloaded and opened the MobAlt app, click on "Registration" at the bottom and start the registration process directly by ignoring the "company code" field and pressing the "Register" button directly, as explained in this video tutorial.

What are the differences between a private and a corporate user?

A private user can search for the best alternatives for their travel routes, view timetables, stops, meeting points, travel times and contact the user service for more information. A corporate user (i.e. with a company code) can also book tickets for the proposed solutions via the app (in some cases at advantageous prices thanks to incentives offered by their company), pay for the services they use, and view the location of the company shuttles in real time.

I registered as a private user and now I received a company code. What should I do?

In these cases, the user can contact IT support (by email at info@mobalt.ch or by telephone on +41 77453 90 26) to make the necessary changes to his account.

I registered as a corporate user but I am no longer part of the company and now I would like to use mobalt as a private user: what should I do?

In these cases, the user can contact IT support (by email at info@mobalt.ch or by telephone on +41 77453 90 26) to make the necessary changes to his account.

Can I use MobAlt app to explore alternatives for a different route from home - work?

Yes, a corporate user can change the start and end addresses from the "Find a Ride" screen, as shown in this video tutorial. In this way he can explore the solutions proposed for routes other than home - work.

I forgot my password and/or username. How can I retrieve this information?

After opening the MobAlt app, click on "Sign In" and then "Forgot Password?". Then follow the instructions in this video tutorial and quickly reset your password.

What are the "alternatives" that the app shows me when I click the "Search" button?

They are the best alternatives for your home-work trips based on the information provided during the registration process.

What route, date and time are they based on?

The alternatives proposed take into account the address you entered as departure and arrival address (automatically filled in with the company address only if the user has entered a company code), and the usual working hours you indicated. The "Alternatives" page of the app shows by default the solutions available for the next day.

How can I change my search criteria?

When you are on the "Alternatives" page, click on the magnifying glass at the top right. A drop-down menu will then appear allowing you to reset departure and arrival addresses, start and end times, and the day of interest. Finally, click on "Search" to calculate the new results, as shown in this video tutorial.

I changed the search criteria but the results remain the same: why?

The results are the same because the new route is probably very similar to the previous one.

What is the percentage that appears next to each alternative?

The percentage attributed to each proposed alternative represents the degree of suitability for the route you have searched for. The closer the percentage is to 100%, the quicker and more convenient that alternative is for that route; the lower the percentage, the less efficient and practicable it is. Alternatives with a suitability rating of less than 20% are not shown because they are considered impractical in reality.
The app shows the alternatives ranked (or ordered) from most suitable to least suitable.

How is the percentage calculated?

The percentage of suitability is calculated with our specific algorithm that combines several criteria including the duration of the trip and the difference between the scheduled times of the means of transport in question and the times you entered in the search. The lower the values of these parameters, the more suitable the alternative is judged to be.

What do the little leaves that appear under each alternative represent?

Leaflets represent the eco-sustainability of the alternative. The higher their number, the more sustainable the alternative.

How can I get more information about the alternatives proposed?

You can view the round trip details of each proposed alternative by simply clicking on it as shown in the video tutorial.

I'm a private user and I found an alternative I'd like to try. How do I do that?

As the purchase of tickets via the MobAlt app is reserved for company users, we recommend that you purchase tickets/subscriptions for public transport and Park+Rail directly from theSBB website; for other alternatives, please contact the MobAlt user service (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch).

I'm a corporate user and I found an alternative I'd like to try: how do I do it?

You can proceed to reserve your chosen transport ticket directly through the app, by pressing on the alternative in the list to view its details; then you can press the "Reserve" button to forward your request to the MobAlt staff. If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact the MobAlt user service (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch). On the video tutorial page you will find several examples of how to reserve the various transport alternatives.

What costs do I have to bear to use the proposed alternatives?

The purchase of Arcobaleno and Park+Rail daily cards/subscriptions is subject to SBB list prices, although some companies offer employees registered with MobAlt a partial or full refund. The company shuttles are paid for, but the price of the subscription is modest and very competitive compared to the private car. Some companies partially or fully subsidise the use of shuttles by their employees. Push e-scooters and electric/folding bikes are offered free of charge by MobAlt for a one-week trial during your company's Mobility Month; if a user wants to use them for several weeks in a row, then the MobAlt list prices apply (for more detailed information write to info@mobalt.ch).

How and when do I pay my benefits?

When you make a reservation, the MobAlt staff will process it and, if it requires payment, will send you an invoice directly to the MobAlt app, from where you can pay by credit card. The invoice also shows the IBAN so that you can make a bank payment as an alternative.
Some companies ask you to deduct the MobAlt services that you have used directly from your pay slip, in which case you will not receive an invoice on the app.
If you would like more information about this, please write to info@mobalt.ch.

Once I make the reservation, where can I see it?

From the menu of the app you can access the "Reservations" section where you have a list of all the tickets you have purchased through the app, the cost of which will then be invoiced to you directly on the app. If you have reserved a ticket by mistake and wish to cancel it, please contact MobAlt's user service immediately on +41 77 453 90 26.

Please note: As far as public transport and P+R are concerned, the ticket/subscription can be cancelled until such time as MobAlt purchases it from SBB (i.e. until the reservation status is "Pending" in orange), which may only take a few minutes. We therefore advise you to contact us as soon as possible to cancel such tickets.

How do I get tickets for public transport booked through MobAlt?

Once you have applied for a ticket on the MobAlt app, MobAlt will purchase the subscription or ticket you need for you and upload it directly to your Swisspass (which you must already have). You will receive the invoice on the MobAlt app (unless your company bears the full costs, in which case you will not have to pay anything).

I booked a vehicle of human powered mobility (scooter or electric/folding bike). Where can I pick it up?

The delivery method may vary depending on the company's logistics. After booking, you will be contacted by MobAlt staff to agree on the delivery of the vehicle.

Is the rental of slow mobility vehicles free of charge?

That depends. If your company has an active agreement with MobAlt at the time of your reservation to test electric vehicles (e.g. Mobility Month is in progress), the rental is free of charge over several days.
If you wish to rent an electric vehicle individually over several weeks or months, then the MobAlt tariff applies. Write to info@mobalt.ch or call +41 77 453 90 26 for more information.

How does the Park+Rail reservation work?

MobAlt commits itself to deliver to your company at the latest the day before use the ticket and the card for parking the car at the station. Then simply leave your car in the Park+Rail parking space you have reserved, displaying the parking ticket in full view, and take the vehicle you have reserved. You can find out which Park+Rail station is closest to your departure point in the "Alternatives" section of the app.

Please note: Even if you purchase parking cards in advance, SBB does not guarantee that free parking will be available at SBB Park+Rail stations.

I looked at the app and would like to sign up for a carpool group that passes/departs right from my area. How do I contact them?

You can contact the carpool team directly through the app. The team leader of that group will receive an email notification and can accept or reject your request. Until they do so, your reservation will remain visible with a "pending" status in the appropriate section of the app. When the team leader makes a decision, the reservation status will change to "accepted" or "declined". If you want to get in touch directly with the carpool group you are interested in, use the group chat that appears in your conversation list as soon as the team leader accepts your request. Until then, you can only contact the team by writing to MobAlt user service (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch).

General information
What is Mobalt Admin and how does it differ from Mobalt App?

MobAlt Admin is an IT tool exclusively in web version, designed primarily for Mobility Managers of companies that need to view data tables on the mobility of their company, its accounting, statistics and forecasts, import data, and more. The Admin functionalities can be customized according to the company's requirements.
A reduced web version of MobAlt can also be accessed by users who normally use MobAlt App.

I am a Mobalt App user, how can I access Mobalt Admin?

Go to https://admin.mobalt.ch and login with the same credentials you use to access the App.

I am a Mobalt App user, what do I find in Mobalt Admin?

In MobAlt Admin you will find a page dedicated to your account information, the list of your reservations and your invoices. Depending on your company's needs, you can access through the Admin the reservation of long-term company parking spaces, reservation of workstations, surveys, and other customized features.

I'm a Mobility Manager, what do I find in Mobalt Admin?

MobAlt Admin offers various functions to the Mobility Manager, some included in the basic package, others that can be unlocked depending on the packages that the company decides to include in its subscription.
Among the basic functions there are:
- Import of the master data of the company personnel
- Management of the company users and visualization on a map of the origins of the collaborators
- Visualization of the reservations made by the collaborators
- Visualization of the reservation of the different types of parking areas (long term, day, carpooling, visitors, etc.).
- Display of workstation bookings made by company employees
- Display of invoice payments for the use of car parks and transport
- Display of carpooling crews formed by company employees
- Production of financial scenarios for parking costs (e.g. connection fees and maintenance).
- Report with a map showing the origin of employees by shift and other indicators
- Display of routes and stops of company shuttles with real-time tracking
- Answers to employee questionnaires
- Chat for communication with employees who have downloaded the Mobalt app

How can I register the data of my company's employees?

There are three ways.
- By autonomous registration by the user himself who downloads the app and creates his own account.
- By manual registration on the Admin by the Mobility Manager, who enters the data of the individual employee in the list of company users.
- By importing user data recorded in an excel file, which is especially useful for many employees.

What data about my employees can Mobalt Admin contain?

There are data that is collected by default (none of which is mandatory, unless you want to activate an App account; in that case email, username and password become necessary) and data that can be entered according to specific company needs/characteristics.
Among the personal data that can be registered by default are name, surname, user name, email, password, date of birth, gender, phone number, height, role, company headquarters, home address, arrival address, type of working hours, working hours, employee id, means of transport used, billing data.

How can I detect the mobility habits of my employees?

Surveys and questionnaires can be disseminated among your employees, the answers to which are collected directly via MobAlt App or MobAlt Admin. The results are then provided by the MobAlt staff to the Mobility Manager in the form of a short report. The Mobility Manager can view the responses of individual employees.

Can I assess the financial impact of the measures and incentives of my mobility policy?

From the "Financial Analysis" panel you can create statistics shaped on your company. The procedure can be summarized in the following points:
1. On the Financial Analysis > Sections page you create the blocks in which you define the mobility expenses and incentives you want to give your employees. Examples of the type of blocks can be: income from company car parks rented to employees, costs for public transport incentives, costs for incentives for slow mobility, cantonal incentives for the company, etc
... 2. On the Financial Analysis > Scenarios page you use the individual blocks defined above on the Sections page to create the various scenarios and compare them with each other.

How can I update my employees' information?

There are three ways.
- Through the App the user enters the Profile page and autonomously makes the necessary changes to his personal data.
- Via the Admin, the Mobility Manager enters the profile of the employee in question and modifies the data.
- By importing the data of the employee to be modified, giving the OK to overwrite the fields involved in the last step of the import procedure.

Can I do custom surveys to collect specific information of interest to me?

Yes, it's possible. However, you should contact MobAlt Staff (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch) in order to define the questions, implementation time and costs of the personalised survey.

Mobility measures
What corporate mobility measures are planned by Mobalt Admin?

- Booking management of company vehicles (e.g. ebike), subscriptions and tickets for public transport, company shuttles, company car parks, carpooling groups, etc.
- Financial evaluation of costs (parking, incentives, other measures) and revenues (parking) induced by company mobility
- Evaluation of the potential of slow mobility and public transport on the home-work route of employees

Is it possible to see and manage the reservations made by my collaborators?

Yes, there is a table dedicated to this very thing where you can also change your employees' bookings if necessary. An extensive palette of filters and column sorting criteria is available from the Mobility Manager. It is also possible to delete one or more reservations.

How can I communicate efficiently and in real time with my users?

MobAlt Admin offers an instant messaging system accessible from the menu via the "Messages" tab. From here you can start single user chat, group chat, and broadcast chat (where the same message is forwarded separately to all recipients). The Mobility Manager can only contact users in his own company.

What specific functions are foreseen for the management of the company shuttles?

The Mobility Manager can view the list of shuttle reservations made by employees of your company.

What specific functions are envisaged for the management of company parking spaces?

It is possible to manage the company parking spaces at 360° degrees, through various functions.
- List of car parks and groups of car parks
- Management of short term reservations
- List of requests for the assignment of a long term car park
- Tool to assign long term car parks to employees according to company rules

What specific functions are provided for carpooling management?

In the Teams section, there is a list of carpooling groups created by users. The information displayed is the name of the team, number of places on board, number of members already registered, and whether or not the Privacy function is activated (an option that, if activated, makes the team visible only to users of the same company).

What specific functions are envisaged for the management of public transport?

You can see the reservations list for public transport. The rest of the management is the direct responsibility of MobAlt Staff.

What specific functions are envisaged for the management of slow mobility?

For the Mobility Manager it is possible, in the context of a specific reservation, to change the assigned slow mobility vehicle, provided that this is made available by MobAlt for the company. All other electric vehicle management operations are the direct responsibility of the MobAlt staff.

How can you manage cost billing?

In the Accounting section, the Mobility Manager can view all transactions, user and company accounts and invoices issued by MobAlt. He can possibly send invoices to the user for whom they were issued, but cannot produce them.

How can the company manage the collection of invoiced costs?

The collection of user and company costs can be structured in different ways according to the specific needs of the company. Usually the costs are divided between the company and the employees who use the individual measures. The costs to be borne by the company are invoiced periodically (normally monthly) according to the agreements made and, if the cost is not a lump sum, to consumption. The costs to be borne by users can be invoiced:
- from the company to the employees in payroll, according to the monthly statement provided by MobAlt
- from MobAlt directly to the employees by means of an invoice payable by credit card or bank transfer.

For any question, information or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact us!