General information
What are Mobalt App and Mobalt Admin?

MobAlt offers its customers two IT tools with functions that are partly distinct, partly overlapping, but nonetheless complementary.
MobAlt App is designed for the corporate user who wants to explore mobility alternatives for their home-work commute, track their routes with the Bikecoin function, book mobility solutions, reserve a company parking space or desk, easily pay for the transportation tickets they use, and communicate with MobAlt Staff or other users from the same company, shuttle or carpool team. A tool for everyday use.
MobAlt Admin is a management tool, mostly usable by Mobility Managers who need to view user lists and reservations related to their company, manage company parking, accounting, import company data on employee mobility, assess their company's mobility potentials, view Bikecoin program performance, and more.

Who develops MobAlt products?

MobAlt products are developed by the company Mobitrends SA.

How much does it cost?

MobAlt IT products are part of a modular service aimed at companies whose subscription price varies according to the number of employees in the company. Contact us for a quote.
The use of the tools for the corporate user is instead free of charge.

Security and insurance
Who can see my personal information?

We suggest reading Mobalt's Privacy Policy.

Is there a regulation for those who wish to carpool?

MobAlt requires that those who make their cars (minimum 4-seater) available for carpooling check that with their liability insurance they can carry passengers, and that the insurance provides coverage for all persons transported and all possible consequences resulting from an accident along the way. Please note that liability insurance is mandatory for all motor vehicles. At the time of homologation of a car, a certificate of civil liability insurance is essential. The driver also certifies that he/she has a regular driver's license, drives the vehicle with a blood alcohol level of zero per thousand and is free from the use of drugs. Each participant accepts Mobalt's Carpooling Regulations, which include the obligation to behave properly and civilly, avoiding attitudes that may create obstacles to the proper conduct of the service.In case they occur, notify the MobAlt user service immediately (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch).

Are bicycles and push scooters insured by the promoters or is the insurance borne by me?

You are responsible for your own insurance: when you receive the bicycle or scooter, you must sign a disclaimer assuming liability in case of theft, damage to the bicycle, or damage to third parties. If you have liability insurance, you should be covered without any problems.

Will I get a helmet with my bike?

Along with the bike you will also receive a helmet, a padlock, a rain cape and, if necessary, a light set that will be returned when you return the bike.

What happens if my bike gets stolen, or I get into an accident and it ruins the frame?

Each bicycle is covered by theft insurance. When you receive the bicycle, you are asked to sign a waiver agreeing to pay the 500.- fr. deductible if such an event occurs.
Kick-scooters, on the other hand, are not covered by theft insurance, so if they are stolen during the free rental or trial period, it is your responsibility to reimburse Mobalt for the value.

User account
Is the use of MobAlt free?

Use of the MobAlt app is free for the corporate user.

I received a company code. What do I have to do?

If you have received a six-character alphanumeric code, it means that your company is enrolled in Mobalt's services and you are therefore authorized to use the MobAlt app as a corporate user.
Once you have downloaded and opened the MobAlt app, click on "Sign in!" at the bottom and enter your company code in the appropriate field before beginning the process of creating your user account.

I registered for the Mobalt app but am no longer part of the company: what should I do?

You can delete your account at any time by going to the "Account Settings" section of the app. For more information regarding the processing of yourpersonal data, read Mobalt's Privacy Policy.

Can I use MobAlt app to get suggestions about a route other than home-to-work?

In the "Recommendations" section, you can query Mobalt about the mobility options of any route by changing the search parameters at the top of the screen, as described in this tutorial.

I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve that information?

After opening the MobAlt app, click on "Forgot?" and enter your e-mail; you will receive a link from which you can reset your password.

What are the "recommendations" that the app shows me in this section?

They are the best alternatives for your home-work commute (or any other route of interest to you) based on the information you provide during the registration process.

What route, date and time are they based on?

The proposed alternatives take into account the address you entered as the departure and the arrival address (filled in by default with that of the company) and the usual working hours you indicated. By default the available solutions for the next day are shown, but you can change this parameter in the search settings.

How can I change my search criteria?

When you are on the "Recommendations" page, click on the orange addresses at the top to open the edit search parameters page. For a more detailed description, see the tutorial.

I changed the search criteria but the results remain the same: why?

The results are the same because the new route is probably very similar to the previous one.

What does the green radial graph that appears next to each alternative represent?

The percentage assigned to each proposed alternative represents the degree of suitability for the route for which you searched. The fuller the green circle in the graph, the more suitable that alternative is to travel that route. Alternatives with a suitability grade of less than 20 percent are not shown because they are considered impractical in reality. The app shows the alternatives ranked (or ordered) from most suitable to least suitable. It is possible to rank the suggestions by choosing from four different indicators: travel speed, environmental impact, physical activity, and financial savings.

How is the suitability of a mobility option calculated by choosing the travel speed indicator?

The percentage of suitability is calculated with our specific algorithm that combines several criteria including travel time compared to the same route taken by car. The lower the values of these parameters, the more suitable the alternative is judged to be.

How can I get more information about the alternatives proposed?

You can view the round trip details of each proposed alternative by simply clicking on it as shown in the tutorial.

How can I record my routes made by bike?

You need to manually activate the tracking with the "Start trip" button. For the interruption, you can do it manually or let the app take care of it automatically, making sure that you first activate the "Automatically tracking interruption at destination" option available in Bikecoin's settings.

How does the Mobalt app understand that I have reached my destination?

By default, your home address and the address of the main office of the company you work for are recorded as possible departure/arrival points. If, however, there are other addresses that you routinely use during your work week (e.g., your partner's home, a hotel, a supplier's location, a client, a different location of your company), registering them in Bikecoin's favorites is strongly recommended. This will facilitate not only the possible automatic termination upon reaching the destination, but also the automatic approval of the itinerary by our algorithm.

Is the bicycle the only means by which I can collect Bikecoin?

No, the Mobalt app gives ways to track routes by bike, foot, or kick-scooter. Instead, the actual payout of matching Bikecoins may vary depending on the corporate will or the campaign in which the company participates.

How does the Mobalt app recognize the vehicle I am using and approve/reject the route?

Our algorithm is based on speed recognition functions compared to the type of vehicle indicated by the user and the slope of the stretch they are traveling. In addition, the departure and arrival points must coincide with home and work or with two of those entered by the user in his favorites. When all these parameters are verified, the route is approved automatically; otherwise the system requires manual analysis by Mobalt staff who will decide whether to accept or reject the route. Mobalt staff may contact the user to ask for more details.

What kind of incentive do I receive if I collect Bikecoin?

The incentive bestowed for collecting Bikecoin varies depending on the company or campaign in which you participate. For more information about your specific case, contact Mobalt staff by writing to info@mobalt.ch.

How is my company informed of the Bikecoins I collect?

Mobalt staff monthly produce a report that they send to your company's mobility manager. The periodicity at which incentives are paid/delivered can vary depending on business needs.

I looked at the app and would like to sign up for a carpool group that passes/departs right from my area. How do I contact them?

The moment you press the "Join Team" button, the team leader of that group will be notified and can accept or reject your request. Until it does, your reservation will remain visible with "pending" status in the appropriate section of the app. The moment the team leader makes a decision, the reservation status will change to "accepted" or "declined." If you wish to get in touch directly with the carpool group you are interested in, use the group chat that appears in your conversation list as soon as the team leader accepts your request. Until then, you can only contact the team by writing to MobAlt User Service (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch).

General information
What is Mobalt Admin and how does it differ from Mobalt App?

MobAlt Admin is a web-only IT tool designed primarily for company Mobility Managers who need to view tables of their company's mobility data, related accounting, statistics and forecasts, import data, and more. Admin features can be customized according to the company's requirements.

I'm a Mobility Manager, what do I find in Mobalt Admin?

MobAlt Admin offers several functions to the Mobility Manager, some included in the basic package, others unlockable depending on the packages the company decides to include in its subscription. Basic features include:
- Import of company personnel master data
- Management of company users and map view of employee provenances
- View of carpooling crews formed by own employees
- Reports with map view of employee provenances according to work shift and other indicators
- Chat for communication with employees who have downloaded the Mobalt app

How can I register the data of my company's employees?

You are provided with a preset excel sheet to fill in with the data of your company's employees. After that, Mobalt staff will proceed with uploading to the platform and producing the report of mobility potentials.

What data about my employees can Mobalt Admin contain?

For more details, we suggest you read Mobalt's Privacy Policy.

How can I detect the mobility habits of my employees?

It is possible to broadcast surveys and questionnaires among your staff, the responses to which are collected directly through the MobAlt App or MobAlt Admin. The outcome is then provided by MobAlt Staff to the Mobility Manager in the form of a brief report.

Can I do custom surveys to collect specific information of interest to me?

Yes, it's possible. However, you should contact MobAlt Staff (+41 77 453 90 26 or info@mobalt.ch) in order to define the questions, implementation time and costs of the personalised survey.

Mobility measures
What corporate mobility measures are planned by Mobalt Admin?

- Assessment of mobility potentials on employees' home-to-work route

What specific functions are provided for carpooling management?

In the Teams section, there is a list of user-created carpool groups. The information collected is team name, number of seats on board, number of members already registered, kilometers traveled in a trip, departure and arrival addresses, times of arrival at and departure from the place of work, vehicle make and model, license plate, color, names of team members, pending requests.

For any question, information or suggestion please do not hesitate to contact us!