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An answer to all mobility needs:

Finding the best alternative for the home-work route

Buy a public transport ticket

Take advantage of corporate promotion to try the latest e-scooter

Booking a company car park or workstation

this and much more with Mobalt App.


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How it works

Looking for the best way to get to work?

Queues, stress, costs, health and the environment - all good reasons to look for an alternative for your daily commute.

Mobalt finds the solution for you.

By analysing your specific needs, Mobalt identifies the best alternatives, choosing between public transport, shuttles, carpooling and slow mobility.

Book and have a good trip!

With the mobalt app you can book and, if necessary, pay conveniently. For any doubt, our staff is at your disposal.



It proposes the best alternatives for the home-work route, integrating all the possibilities offered by the territory and the company: public transport, park and ride, shuttles and (inter)company shuttle buses, slow mobility means and subscriptions, promotional offers of public bodies and companies.


It allows you to book everything you need: tickets, season tickets, intermediate or destination parking, seats on a shared means of transport or the chosen means of slow mobility.


Questions, inconveniences or suggestions? Our team, the mobility manager and other employees can always be reached easily and in real time on Mobalt's chat room.


The invoice for paid services is monthly and can be paid conveniently by credit card.

Real-time location

Waiting for a shuttle or a carpool team? On our App you can follow the route in real time and receive communications from the driver.


The Mobalt App allows you to find, book and pay for the parking spaces you need, whether intermediate or at your destination.
For company parking spaces that are allocated on a long-term basis, the employee completes the application form. The allocation will be made on the basis of company policy, taking into account the specifics of the individual, such as place of residence, health of the employee, quality of public transport on the way home to work, and other parameters that can be customised.
For temporary parking spaces (guests, suppliers, hourly/daily parking spaces) the MobAlt App allows immediate booking in accordance with current availability.

Working places

The COVID-19 containment measures require limiting the number of people indoors so as to ensure social distancing. The Mobalt App allows you to reserve your working place for days when you need to be physically present in the company.
The structure of the available working places and the reservation criteria can be customised according to the company's needs.



In order to encourage frequent use of e-bikes on the home-work route, the MobAlt App offers a Bikecoin function that allows you to earn points by cycling on these journeys. The accumulated points are then translated into concrete incentives by the company for its employees.
Bikecoin also gives you the opportunity to take part in fun initiatives and to see the ranking of all users who use the app.


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