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Is Mobalt free to use?

The use of the MobAlt app is free as well as the trial period for foldable bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric scooters.

I received a company code. What should I do?

After downloading and opening the MobAlt app, enter the company code in the appropriate field before starting the registration process, as explained in this video tutorial.

I am a private user. How do I subscribe?

Once downloaded and opened the MobAlt app, start directly the subscribing process by ignoring the "Company Code" field and directly pressing the "Register" button as explained in this video tutorial.

What are the differences between a private and a business user?

A private user can search the best alternatives for his/her travel routes, view their times, stops, meeting points, travel times, and contact the user service for more information.A business user (that is, with a company code) can also book the transport titles for the proposed solutions, in some cases at favorable prices thanks to incentives offered by your company.

I registered as a private user and now I have received a company code. What should I do?

The MobAlt app does not allow to insert a company code for your account after having finished the subscription. In this case, the user can either create a new account by inserting the company code before initialising the registration, or contact the IT support (toll-free number from Switzerland 0800 66 55 55 or to make the necessary changes to your account.

I registered as a business user and now I would like to use MobAlt as a private user. What should I do?

The MobAlt app does not allow to remove a company code for your account after having finished the subscription. However, a business user can change the start and end addresses from the Alternatives screen as shown in this video tutorial. In this way the user can explore the solutions proposed for itineraries other than that from home to work.

I forgot my password and/or my username. How can I retrieve this information?

After you opened the Mobalt app, click on "Login" and "Forgot Password?". Then follow the instructions in this video tutorial to reset your password.

What are the "alternatives" that the app shows to me when I click on the "Search" button?

Those are the best alternatives for you travel from home to work based on the information provided during the registration process

On which route, date and time are they based?

Proposed alternatives take into account the addresses you entered as start and arrival (automatically filled in with that of the company only if the user has entered a company code), and the usual working hours you have indicated. The "Alternatives" page of the app shows by default the available solutions for the next day.

I do not see anymore the form to change my research criteria. What can I do?

When you're in the "Alternatives" page, click the top right len. The form to reset the start and finish addresses, start and end times, and the day of interest appears again. When you inserted the new values, click on the "Search" button to compute the new results, as explained in this video tutorial.

I changed the research criteria but the results are always the same: why?

The results are the same because probably the new itinerary is very close to the previous one.

What is the percentage that appears alongside each alternative?

The percentage attributed to each proposed alternative represents the degree of suitability of the route for which you have searched. The more the percentage approaches 100%, the more that alternative is fast and convenient for that route; The more it approaches 0%, the more it is inefficient and unmanageable. The app shows the alternatives always ranked from the most suitable to the least fit.

How is the percentage computed?

The percentage of fitness is calculated using a specific algorithm that combines different criteria including travel time and the difference between the timetable provided by the means of transport in question and the timetable you entered in the search. The smaller the values of these parameters, the more the alternative fits.

What are the small leaves that appear below each alternative?

The leaves represent the eco-sustainability of the alternative. The more the leaves, the more the alternative is eco-sustainable.

How can I get more information about the proposed alternatives?

You can view the details of the going and return trip of any proposed alternative, simply by clicking on it as shown in this video tutorial.

I am a private user and I found an alternative that I would like to try. How can I proceed?

Since the purchase of transport titles through the MobAlt app is reserved to business users, we advice to buy tickets/subscriptions for public transport and Park+Rail directly from the SBB website; For other alternatives, please contact the MobAlt user service (toll-free number from Switzerland 0800 66 55 55 or

I am a business user and I found an alternative that I would like to try. How can I proceed?

You can purchase public transport tickets directly via the app, by pressing the "Book" button after you saw the details of the alternative. If you have any problem, do not hesitate to contact the MobAlt user service (toll-free number from Switzerland 0800 66 55 55 or In the video tutorials page, you will find several examples of how to reserve the various transport options.

Do I have to pay some tariff to use the proposed alternatives?

The purchase of Arcobaleno daily/weekly pass and Park+Rail subscriptions includes standard prices, although some companies offer to employees subscribed to MobAlt a partial or total refund. Company shuttles are paid instead, but the subscription price is modest and definitely competitive compared to the private car. Some companies refund part of the shuttle subscription. E-scooter, foldable and electric bicycles are offered free of charge by MobAlt for a free week trial or for a very casual use; if a user wants to take advantage of it for several weeks, then a flat rate is agreed. The terms of agreement applicable at any time and for the specific company are listed on the app at the time of booking.

How and when do I have to pay the benefits I have used?

It depends on the company. The rule is that, once you've made a reservation through the app or through the user service, you will find the cost of the ticket deducted directly from your paychec.

Once the reservation is made, where can I see it?

From the app menu, you can access the "Bookings" section where you have a list of all the transport titles you purchased through the app, the cost of which will be deducted from your paycheck. If you have reserved a ticket for error and you wish to cancel it, contact immediately the MobAlt user service at the number +41 77 453 90 26.

Warning: With regard to public transport and P+R, the ticket/subscription can be canceled until MobAlt submits the request to SBB, and this may take only a few minutes. We therefore advise you to contact us as soon as possible to cancel off such reservations.

Where can I get the transport tickets and/or the vehicles I booked?

The transport titles are delivered directly to you on behalf of your company. With regard to slow mobility vehicles (push e-scooters, e-bikes, etc...) you agree directly with MobAlt staff who will contact you as soon as possible after they have received your reservation.

Transport means
I booked a trip or a subscription for public transport. What happens now?

MobAlt undertakes to send the tickets to you at your company address at the latest on the day before using them. Then simply take the means for the itinerary you have chosen.

I booked an additional vehicle for the last kilometre (foldable e-bike or e-bike). Where can I get it?

The delivery method varies depending on the company's logistics. After booking, you will be contacted by MobAlt staff to agree on the delivery of the vehicle.

How does the reservation for Park+Rail work?

MobAlt undertakes to send you the tickets and the card to park the car at the station at your company address at the latest on the day before using them. Then just leave the car in the Park+Rail parking you reserved by exposing the parking ticket well in sight, and catch the transport mean you booked. To know which is the station with P+R closest to your starting point, explore the "Alternatives" on the app.Warning: Even in the case of early purchase of parking cards, there is no guarantee and the right to find free parking at the SBB's Park+Rail.

I booked a slow mobility vehicle (foldable bike or e-bike). Where can I get it?

The delivery method varies depending on the company's logistics. After booking, you will be contacted by MobAlt staff to agree on the delivery of the vehicle.

I've been browsing the app and I want to join a group of carpooling that goes / depart right from my area. How do I contact it?

You can contact the carpooling team directly via the app. The team leader of that group will receive a notification on the app, and will either accept or discard your request. As long as he doesn't, your reservation will remain visible with "pending" status in the app. As soon as the team leader makes a decision, the status of the reservation will be "accepted" or "rejected" and you will receive a confirmation message. If you want to get in touch directly with the carpooling group you're interested in, use the group chat that appears in your chats list as soon as the team leader has accepted your request. Until that moment, you can contact the team only by writing to MobAlt staff (+41 77 453 90 26 or

Security and Insurances
How MobAlt handle my mobility data?

We guarantee the privacy and security of your data. All information will only be used for statistical purposes in complete anonymity (no names, surnames, email addresses, etc.). Information will not be sold or shared with third parties for marketing purposes. All data is kept safe.

Who can see my personal information?

Information about mobility alternatives that you decide to use is only visible to you. The only information that could only come into contact with other users of your company is your username (for example, in chat).

With carpooling, do I have any security or refund guarantee in case of damages?

MobAlt requires that those who make available their car (at least 4 seats) for carpooling, make sure that with his RC liability insurance he can carry passengers, and that the insurance covers all people who are transported and all possible consequences of an incident along the route. It is recalled that civil liability insurance is compulsory for all motor vehicles. When approving a car, an RC insurance certificate is indispensable. The driver also attests that he is in possession of a regular driver's license, driving at a zero blood alcohol level and free from the use of drugs.

Each participant accepts the MobAlt Carpooling Regulation which requires to behave properly and civilly, avoiding attitudes that can create obstacles to the proper running of the service. If this occurs, immediately notify the MobAlt user service (toll-free number from Switzerland 0800 66 55 55 or

Are bicycles and e-scooters secured by promoters or is my insurance covered?

Insurance is yours: when you receive an e-bike or an e-scooter, you will have to sign a release form with which you assume responsibility for theft, damage to the bike or damage to third parties.

Will I get a helmet along with the bicycle?

Along with the bicycle you will also receive a helmet, a padlock and, if necessary, a set of lights to be returned when returning the bicycle.

What if they steal my bicycle, or do I have an accident and ruin it?

Theft or bicycle damage is yours: when you receive the bicycle you are asked to sign a release statement with which you take responsibility for theft, damage to the bicycle or damage to third parties.

If you need more information

don't hesitate to contact our staff.