Mobalt Admin

Complete, modular, flexible

The web application to keep all aspects of corporate mobility under control:

Identify the measures with the greatest impact through transfer potentials

Define business measures and incentives

View and process reservations

Manage the billing cycle

That and much more with Mobalt Admin.

How it works


User administration

It displays employee data, allows you to import users from excel sheets, manage their data and access credentials, extract statistics and communicate with them through chat.


It collects information on the origins, habits and mobility needs of employees in order to identify the mobility measures with the greatest impact, monitor mobility choices, and constantly modify and improve the offer.

Financial scenarios

Assess the financial impact of different scenarios for corporate incentives, parking costs and the use of mobility measures to facilitate the definition of the best corporate mobility policy.

Mobility services

Allows you to set up all the data necessary to provide mobility services through specific modules including those for public transport, carpooling, human powered mobility, shuttles,


It displays reservations and user requests, allows you to follow their processing and manage the costs associated with the services.


It provides all the tools for cost management, with the setting of incentives, accounting and invoicing for the company and employees. It exports data to your accounting department.