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What is Bikecoin?

It is a programme to promote the use of bicycles for home-work journeys and to help free the city from traffic. It is also a project to help municipalities in planning bicycle routes.

Bikecoin is directly integrated into Mobalt, the product for the complete management of corporate mobility.

How can I participate?

If your company has joined the scheme, you simply need to have a bicycle available, no matter whether it is owned, borrowed, rented or shared. Then follow these steps:

  • download the Mobalt app
  • create your account by entering your company code now
  • select the "Bikecoin" page from the menu
  • start tracking your home-work routes and earn your Bikecoins!

At the end of the month you will receive the incentives provided by your company.

Why should my company join?

Bikecoin is an important element in the development of corporate mobility policy:

  • increases Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • helps reduce traffic and pollution
  • decreases parking requirements and costs
  • promotes the health of employees
  • stimulates the spirit of belonging

Each company decides how and how much to reward its employees, giving a specific value to the bikecoins collected, which can be paid in cash or in other forms of company benefits.

What role can the municipality play?

Bikecoin is an ideal tool for public-private cooperation in the field of mobility:

  • enables companies to be involved and supported
  • helps to reduce rush-hour traffic
  • helps the planning of cycle routes by identifying critical infrastructure issues
  • certifies the municipality's commitment to the environment

Bikecoin lends itself to be extended to implement territorial marketing and public health promotion policies.

Bikecoin in Lugano - a Swiss premiere

The City of Lugano has been active for years in promoting mobility for businesses in its territory. By contributing to the development of Bikecoin, it is implementing an important and innovative measure in support of slow mobility, never before realised in Switzerland. By encouraging the use of bicycles, and not just their purchase, it is possible to intervene in a more targeted and effective manner.

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